An elegant object with harmonious lines made with the same attention to detail that we put into the mechanical components of high precision: corX is a corkscrew assembled and finished manually that recalls the bottle openers of the late 19th century, but with ultra modern technology for the alloys that compose it.

Reliable and fast in its movements, brilliant as a jewel, it is “served” in a transparent case to enhance its unique design.




From F1 circuits to cellars, from the roar of engines to the most refined taste, from the most aerodynamic form to the most refined: corX finds its roots in an environment where the choice of materials and attention to detail are of primary importance for the final victory, so much so as to represent with design and quality a truly original corkscrew.

Our professionals, used to creating technological components for Formula 1, “sculpt” this collector’s item, until they find the perfect shape of what is the tool used by great sommeliers around the world, a bottle opener of important wines, an opportunity to transform the ritual of ‘uncorking’ in a pleasure that involves all the senses.

Titanium and bronze, combined with the elegance of boxwood, give life to the most exclusive corkscrew, a special design part, made for all those who believe in the value of objects without sacrificing functionality.