We have always worked for the most demanding industries.

In Formula 1, Automotive, Racing and Aerospace, the development of high precision manufacturing for prototypes, components, models and small series of final products must be constantly certified.


In order to provide a production cycle “100% guaranteed by Caleffi”, we adopt a Quality Management System certified according to ISO9001:2015 standards, which ensures process and quality control, monitoring all production phases.


In addition to the recognition by accredited certification bodies, we can boast the passing of several audits and evaluation procedures by prestigious multinational companies in the automotive sector.


Ensuring the quality of our products and services is a goal that we pursue with commitment and dedication. We are well aware that the mere selection of materials, all rigorously accompanied by quality certifications, is not enough, so we add the great value given by the know-how of our technicians, and the consulting service that supports customers already in the phase of industrialization of the component.


We carry out internal quality control tests on every type of product, which are always accompanied by test certificates that attest to the results. Among these, we carry out checks with three-dimensional measuring machines (CMMs).  With this we combine an examination of the shape, profiles and finished surfaces using contour and surface roughness measuring instruments, and we analyze with non-destructive tests the integrity of the materials during the phases of the production cycle, both on semi-finished and finished parts.