Caleffi srl. carries out mechanical processes of boringturninggrinding and milling with continuous 5-axis CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines operated by CAM systems on building steels and light alloys both of aluminum and titanium.

The company aim to deliver to the customer a totally ‘made in Caleffi’ product has led to an internal know-how development for the use of Edm machines for the electro-erosion of splines and complex surfaces whose material hardness and process difficulty are a limit for the machining centers.

Thanks to the designing Service Caleffi srl. establishes with the customer a technical partnership for the solution of design and production problems and offers the possibility to accomplish assembly or pre-assembly which are ensured by running, heating, destructive and non-destructive tests in order to facilitate the customer as for time problems.

Reverse engineering, requested when design is lacking and only the component (mostly in bad conditions) is available, is part of Caleffi service for spare parts and revamping.

Thanks to its own technical know-how and a well-established network of subsidiaries, Caleffi becomes a lead supplier for the production of items whose production cycle also includes heat, surface and chemical treatment.

Quality Management system in line with the standards of the ISO 9001:2008, ensures the Process Control and the Quality of the workings by checking all the phases of production.