In addition to the workings for the serial production, our company is able to supply to customers fast and appropriate answers for particular needs. Even in this case the high seriousness and the great care technicians devote to each cycle of working are the marking points of Caleffi trademark.

Guarantee on product and service Quality with a view to steady improvement in cooperation with the customer is Caleffi final target and this is pursued with engagement and seriousness.

First step concerns the choice of materials which are all accompanied by a quality certification; second one the working processes characterized by high technical skill and finally a consulting service offered to buyers starting from the component trading phase. All this, together with the staff availability and the flexibility and readiness of the company, to guarantee to the customer high quality, respect of production times and competitiveness in service costs.

Caleffi srl., thanks to the aid of a skilled and trained staff, is able to carry out inside the plant the necessary quality controls and supply test certificates for each single product. To the check of dimensional and position tolerances both manually and semi-automatically with three-dimensional continuous scanning Brown & Scarpe CMM DEA machines is associated a check of the shape, profile and worked surfaces with Taylor Hobson profilometre/roughness.

The control on material good condition is carried out during the phases of production cycle both on semi-finished and finished by means of special, non-destructive controls: magnetic particle inspection method for ferrous materials and dye penetrant on Aluminum and Titanium light alloys. The unit testing is supplied with a metrology air-conditioning room with a 20°+/-5°-