Starting from technical features, from customer 3D models or simply by the component itself, the technical office is able to supply a detailed feasibility study of the project and to work out in no time the production cycle to arrive at the implementation of the product.

The part- program processing for the machine tools is left to a CAM software which allows to handle the complete working. Cam program supplies the necessary instruments which are able to work fast and with accuracy both mechanical components and ‘sculptured surfaces’ using continuous 5-axis turning technology. Combined functions between geometry and tool-paths, integrated into the software systems allow software technicians to quickly change the tool-path according to any possible variation decided by the customer on its geometrical model and thus reducing time and programming costs.

Moreover the CAD 3d system use allows Caleffi srl. to handle, from the beginning to the end, a complex project suggesting to the customers the most appropriate solutions for the development of the components which will form the final product. Thanks to the use of a variety of CAD programs there is no problem in customers’ systems files and size reading. A software for gear allows internal and external straight and helical teeth wheels coupling calculations as well as load capacity. A matter of fact of Caleffi ability to conceive and completely carry out this kind of works.